How to add grand total in table ?

Carlos Member

Hi Guys,

I am looking to add column aggregators as a row in the table.

for example I have a list of sales for each day, I need a row in the end to sum up all the values.
how can I just add this row in domo?


  • ckatzman
    ckatzman Contributor

    Table cards don't currently "Total", but I believe there is already a request submitted for this functionality to be developed.  One of the product managers should be able to confirm that, or you may be able to search/find in the Dojo.


    We had a similar quandary though, and we solved it through a DataFlow.  By creating one dataset that was "detail" (or maybe it's like a product sub-total) and another data set that was "Summary" (overall total), and then performing a UNION to combine the two subsets.  One thing to focus on is making sure you have a field to "sort" by so that in your card output, you can control the location of that summary line.  Maybe you add a '0' value to your detail, and a '9' value to your Summary (as an extra column), then when you get to the card builder you can add that special 'sort' column to the Sort Order.

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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @Carlos, did ckatzman's reply help answer your question?

  • ckwright
    ckwright Domo Product Manager

    @ckatzman and @Carlos Yes, grand totals for table cards is on our product road map. Sumo is also another option to DataFlow as Sumo has Grand Totals and SubTotals available. 

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