Can Beast Modes show up as a filter on the Page Analyzer?

I can see the Beast Mode filters on the Card Analyzer, but not on the Page Analyzer. Any thoughts?


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    Can anybody help @cpeters with their question?


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    I don't think there's a way to do this out of the box. You might want to put this in as an enhancement idea or contact support to see if what they have to say as it might be on the roadmap.

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  • kshah008
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    As suggested, please feel free to submit this to our "Ideas" section here.

  • Beast Modes cannot apply to page filters. If you want the filter to apply at the page level this logic needs to be added to the data flow (which will add it to the base level data set). 


    This is also a way you can standardize column names of fields with similar values across data sets (eg country) so that you can use one filter for multiple data sets on one page.

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