Bar Graph Presentation

If P&L result is presented in a bar graph, how do I rearrange the bar to show the data in the following order: revenue, COGS, G&A, depreciation & amortization, other income & expenses, then Income taxes?  


  • Domo_Diesel
    Domo_Diesel Domo Employee

    Hi tyeung, what type of bar chart is it?  There are a couple ways you might sort based on the type of chart.  However, it sounds like you need to specify the sort order, and you would do this in a beast mode like this:


    WHEN `P&L BUCKET` = 'revenue' THEN 1


    WHEN `P&L BUCKET` = 'G&A' THEN 3

    WHEN `P&L BUCKET` = 'depreciation & amortization' THEN 4

    WHEN `P&L BUCKET` = 'other income & expenses' THEN 5

    WHEN `P&L BUCKET` = 'Income taxes' THEN 6



    Drop this is your card sorting settings area and set to ascending.  Let me know if this works for you


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @tyeung, did Domo_Diesel's reply help you out?

  • I properly didn't use the command correctly.  Therefore, the suggested sorting formula didn't work for me.

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