How do you enable UPSERT capability on Workbench 4?


How do you enable UPSERT capability on Workbench 4? I was told that the workbench has this ability but some tweaks need to be made to some files associated with the workbench for it to work. 


In my mind, upsert would be very useful for data that changes often but avoids the pain of replacing an entire dataset. Especially when the dataset is very large.


Any ideas?





  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Medinacus with their question?


  • JustinS
    JustinS Domo Employee

    Upsert is still beta functionality and has only been opened for a few customers who understand the risks of using it.  We hope to have it ready for the general public soon though.

  • josephvargo
    josephvargo Domo Employee

    The upsert feature is really neat, and I have used it in it's beta form with another customer.  If you have a unique column you can use, and you do not need to dataflow the data then it may work well for you as well.  If you want to be included in this beta simply reach out to your Account Executive, and he can see if there is room.    Hope that helps.  

  • Medinacus

    Appreciate the help.


    I'll reach out to our account exec as suggested.



  • Medinacus

    Do you guys have any timeline on this?

  • alexpeay
    alexpeay Domo Employee

    @Medinacus Upsert is a feature that is currently under development. We are expecting to release it into production use in the fall.

    Alex Peay
    Product Manager
  • Unknown

    How do we enable UPSERT in workbench ? I am in version 5.0, still dont see it, do we have to place a seperate request for it ????

  • user06848


    I'm in version 5.0 and would like to know how do we enable UPSERT functionality in workbench, do we have to place an additional request?


    Also, I would like to check to see if the upsert functionality development completed? if so could you please guide us the steps to use the UPSERT feature as we are loading huge amount of data to Domo using work workbench 5.0 version.




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