CSV-SFTP connector

Can the 'CSV-SFTP connector', pull csv files from a zip file?


  • No, this connector is strictly for CSV files.  If you want to retrieve .Zip files and extract CSV files from within them, you would want to use the CSV-Advanced connector.  Please contact Domo Support directly for further assistance.

    I am no longer with Domo, please reach out to another Domo lead for assistance. Thank you!
  • Would this CSV-Advanced connector be able to pull data via SFTP?

  • kshah008
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    @Archimedes, can you help @CoreVest with their follow-up question? 

  • ReggaeStar
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    Yes, the CSV-Advanced connector can pull from a sftp server and can also pull csv files from a zip file. As previously mentioned you can contact Domo support for access to the connector.



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    @CoreVest, did ReggaeStar's reply help you out?