I am having difficulty with the new Domo App going into Landscape mode on my iPad Pro.

I have a new iPad Pro and installed Domo on it.  (I believe it was a recent updated Domo app).  I am having difficulty getting the app to go into Lanscape mode, it only appears to display the graphics in portrait mode.  Is this a known issue?  All of my other apps currently work seamlessly between portrait and landscape mode.


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @Mleska with their problem?


  • RussM
    RussM Domo Employee

    @Mleska I'm a Product Manager for mobile at Domo and saw this question from a few months back and wanted to check in on this issue. Since you wrote we have released full landscape view support for the iOS app on tablets. I've found this to be the way I usually use Domo on my iPad Pro. With landscape view you can also use split-screen multitasking with the app. 


    Do you have any feedback of things you like or areas we could improve landscape further? 

  • RussM
    RussM Domo Employee


    Looks like I got a little click happy and posted twice Smiley Happy

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