Incorrect data when using Adobe Analytics connector


Hi all, I am trying to create an Adobe Analytics connector to report on page views across various pages on our website. The report type for all of the testing I have done is Intermediate - Custom.


When I create a connector with only one dimension (page name), and one metric (page views), then the page views on each page and on each date match exactly what I see when I run the equivalent report in Adobe's Ad Hoc Analysis.


However, when I add a second dimension for tracking marketing channel data, then the page views for each page and for each marketing channel are almost all larger in Adobe's Ad Hoc Analysis than they are when I view the data in Domo. This happens when I run the connector for a month, a week, or even a day. The totals are off for non-null page names and marketing channels, so I don't think that it has to do with nulls being counted strangely.


I've added the following JSON:




but am still seeing the same results.


Has anyone ever run into similar behavior? The totals are only off by around 1-3%, but it would be nice to get them exactly right.


Any thoughts or troubleshooting suggestions would be most welcome.


  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    When comparing Domo to Adobe I HIGHLY recommend using Adobe's API Explorer -


    You start off with a Report - Queue and put in the JSON for the report you want to Queue. You will get a return of your Report ID. You can then run Report - GetQueue and watch it in the queue. Once it is no longer in the Queue you can pull the report using Report - Get and inputting the Report ID you were using. This will return the report!


    Using this method you will always find that Domo and Adobe Matches. Why? Because Domo is just calling Adobe's API with what you've put into the connector.




    I've tried to compare Adobe AdHoc Reporting VS Adobe Suite Catalyst (using the UI) VS Adobe's API and have found varying degrees of differences between them. There might be some expert that can compare these 3 and get them to match perfectly, but I can't.


    I can, however, affirm Domo and Adobe's API do match. DomoSupport can help confirm that too if needed.

  • ocrkm
    ocrkm Member

    Thanks, that's all really good info to know. I'll try calling the API directly and see if it turns out the same.

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @ocrkm, please keep us updated!