"Older" or "Newer" bucket




I often have requests to see data by time periods. And for this the grouping feature by day, week, month, quarter, year is great. However in a lot of cases, you do not want to see the whole granularity of the distribution: i.e. you want to see bucket like: "Older than 12months", "12m to 6m", "6m to 3m" and younger.


It is fairly easy to answer this with a grouping by quarter, which also lets the end user change the granularity on demand. BUT when doing this, either you filter for data younger than 12m, but your total does not match the sum of the bar on the screen, or you display everything and the data that you are interested in (current year) is swallowed in a potentially very long tail that you are not very interested in.


I have worked around this with Beast mode and date functions, but I lose the abiliity to change the granularity on the fly...


Anyone managed to find a better solution?


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