Can you edit text and adjust text formatting on a sumo card?


Can there be a way to adjust column names in a Sumo card, similar to normal cards with the Label feature? Also, the text when in a Pivot table in the light blue has been hard to see - can this be black so it is more clear - or maybe an option to change the text?


  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @cpeters with their question?


  • ckwright
    ckwright Domo Product Manager

    @cpeters Currently in Sumo there is no label function to rename a column. It is on the product road map.


    A way to solve this in Sumo is if you go to card builder and create a beast mode (BM) and rename the columns you want to rename, build a card visual and then check SAVE the BM to the Data Set. Then you can power that Data Set in Sumo and use the BM columns as the new name.


    To rename a column in Beast Mode - Select Beast Mode, enter the Column Name and then enter the New Column Name you want in the Beast Mode Header. You will then see a new column name for that column. 

  • cpeters

    Thanks, @ckwright. I'm familiar with the Beast Mode options and that is what I am doing. I'm more focusing on the actual font color, wrapping text, etc of the table headers and rows. The Sumo card defaults to this really light blue color - I want to change it to black font color so its easier to read. I don't want a pretty sumo table, but one that can be useful.

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