Using Domo Workbench, how to I set it to upload my my rows as headers?

Currently, I am trying to upload Excel through Workbench. My data is set up as column A as the header and column B-Z as dates. How do I have Workbench upload Column A as the header. Domo has the capabilities to swap rows/columns through their manual uploads. Any suggestions?


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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @Dhoeppner with their question?


  • I'm not familiar with a method for pivoting the data in workbench. You can, however, upload the data as is and then use the Collapse Columns transform in Magic ETL to pivot the data and create a record for each Column A & Column B-Z combination. Could that be an option for your data?

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    @Dhoeppner, did zcameron's reply help you out?

  • Does a solution in the workbench meanwhile exist? Would be very helpful

  • No, nothing has been added to Workbench to handle this. You could, however, create a script that could do this manipulation and then have Workbench call that script (using the External Process File Provider job type) and then upload the output of the script for you.



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    You could create a second tab in excel to do the automatic pivoting for you. Inconvient but that is how I would do it.


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