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I have a large # of connections to Salesforce across almost every object (Leads, Accounts, Campaigns, Opportunities) and have it connected in multiple ways (via Query, via Direct Object, via Reports). 


In some instances, I have multiple connections to the same object, but with different queries.


If I have Domo hitting Salesforce on one object every 15 minutes where the Domo request is "pull 15,000 records", is that ONE API call or 15,000 API calls? 


I need to re-evaluate my API call strategy. 




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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @christophorce with their question?


  • Thank you for your question. Domo handles all of the API optimization for your datasets, so there is not a lot besides scheduling that you can do to further optimize. Can you provide more information about the scheduling layout of your Salesforce datasets?


    Thank you,

    Andrew N.

    Domo Support

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    @christophorce, can you answer andrewnemrow's follow-up question to better assist you?

  • I am researching a performance issue in SF and trying to determine whether DOMO is having an impact. My SF admin has asked me which methods are being used by DOMO to access data:


    "Do you know which API of Salesforce that DOMO connects to?  Bulk? Soap? Rest?"


    can anyone answer this?

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    @DennisL, please feel free to open up a new thread for better exposure to your question.

  • ok, will do.