Can I create an alert with more than 1 condition?


I would like to create an alert with more than 1 condition.  Currently, I have multiple dataflows that update daily even though their source data may only be updated once or twice a week.  I would like to be alerted when my summary value is > $0.00, but only if that change is from another value (for example, if my summary number changes from $0.00 to $17.00, I would like to know, but only once, not everytime that dataflow runs until it changes back to $0.00 from $17.00).


  • cmarkum
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    You can only have one condition currently. You could setup two seperate alerts. One that if it is greater than 0 and one if it is equal to 0. The only issue with this is that you will get alerted if your dataset changes daily and the value stays at 0 for long periods of time. You could setup the alert to be weekly instead of immediately to aleviate some of the alerts. 

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @mschallman, did cmarkum's reply help answer your question?

  • Shevy
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    From your post I can't tell if you need to know it is 0? If you only want to be alerted if it goes >0 then the alert set to greater than 0 will do what you want. Alerts only fire the first time it goes over, not everyday it stays over. So you should get what you want without daily alerts of it stays above 0. Setting the second to be <0.01 will allow that one to tiger just when it hits 0 the first time.
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