Salesforce Connector 2000 rows limit for reports?

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I am very unhappy about the fact that there is a 2000 rows limit for salesforce tabular reports connector. Why is there such limit? I have never worked with a salesforce tabular report that has less than 2000 rows. Could DOMO fix this problem?



  • zcameron
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    I've come up against this problem as well. It turns out that it is Salesforce, not Domo, that is imposing the limit. (See this thread in the Salesforce Developer community). The Salesforce API will only return 2,000 records for a saved search/tabular report. It will, however, pull any number of records from the tables themselves. I've had success pulling data from tables and then recreating the report data using Dataflows like Magic ETL.



  • Bulloko
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    @zcameron is exactly right. I found here Salesforce's official documentation regarding this.


    • The API returns up to the first 2,000 report rows. You can narrow results using filters.


  • kshah008
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    @Zoom, did any of the above replies help answer your question? 

  • aarone

    Any good workarounds?


    ex. collect Salesforce leads with Create Date of Yesterday (assuming less than 2000 leads are created a day) and simply append it to the end of the data set already in Domo?

  • Hi all, Can anybody help @aarone out? Thanks

  • Godzilla
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    you can run the job more frequently (maybe every 2 or 4 hours) so the total new leads do not go over 2000 and just append them to your dataset. 

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