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Our team uses a Stacker dataset that was created by Consultants to bring in metrics from multiple data sources. We have trouble updating the stacker whenever we need to change one of the inputs, whether it be updating the MySQL dataflows to bring in a new field or adding in an entirely new data source.  We have to contact support any time we want to make a change.  Is there any tutorial or guideline that exists out there on creating and maintaining a stacker?


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    We are looking in to what we can share and will get back to you shortly.



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    We don't currently have any public-facing documentation, but the basic structure of stacker is pretty simple.

    Here are some basic guidelines to use when updating a stacker architecture:


    • If new fields need to be added to an existing metric & dataset in stacker, it just requires an update to the webform configuration (updating the date, value, or dimension fields, depending on the field being added). The stacker dataflow does not need to be changed.


    • The stacker dataflow will only need to be updated when new datasets are used for metrics in the stacker, and in that case, the only change will be to add the new dataset as an input. None of the dataflow code needs to change.


    For example, if I need to add a "State" field to my "Leads" metric in a stacker, these are the steps I would follow:

    • Make sure I know what the "State" field is in my input dataset listed in the "Datasource Name" column in the configuration webform. In this case, let's say the column is named "lead_state"
    • Add the "State" field to my metric's row in the "Dimensions" column in the configuration webform using MySql syntax, something like: `lead_state` AS `State`. This will take whatever value is in the "lead_state" column in the input datasource and add it to the stacker output datasource in a new column named "State"
    • Run the stacker dataflow. My new "State" column will be available to use in cards once the dataflow finishes

    If I need to add a new metric from a new datasource, these are the steps I would follow:

    • Find the stacker MySql dataflow, add the new input datasource to the input datasources in the dataflow, then save it. **This is the only change I would need to make to a stacker dataflow**
    • Update the webform configuration with a new row, specifying a name for the metric I would like to capture, the name of the datasource the metric will come from in Domo (which we added to the dataflow in step 1), the date field that applies to that metric, the value column for that metric, any filters to apply for that metric (using MySql WHERE syntax), and any other columns from the input dataset that need to be included in the final dataset for that metric (using MySql SELECT syntax)
      • Note: If the "Value Column" field is left blank, a "1" will be output in the "Amount_metric" column for that metric, as well as the general "amount" column for that metric. Otherwise, it will use the field specified.
      • Note: The "Date Column" is required for the stacker dataflow to work properly
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