Adobe Connection Incorrect Metric Formats & Missing Data



I am having some trouble with data inconsistencies and incorrect formatting of metrics within one of the Adobe Analytics Connections I made.


I tried 2 test connections to see where the problem was coming from. In one of my connections I brought in the External Campaign ID element, one broad segement and the Visits and Visitors metrics. When doing QA, I am able to view the correct amount of visits for the specific campaigns I was analyzing.


I created the exact same connection but this time I included the Visits, Visitors, Bounces, Bounce rate, LMG First Engagement Rate (a personal metric created in Adobe), LMG Most Valued Engagement (a personal metric created in Adobe) and Total Time Spent metrics. When I try viewing the metrics for the campaigns, there are completely different External Campaign ID names and missing data.


Furthermore when I do pull in these metrics, their default format is Text, however in Adobe, they are accurately displayed as numbers (rates). I tried utilizing the Magic ETL Data Flows to change the column format, but I receive errors.


There seems to be an error in the way these Adobe metrics are being pulled into DOMO only for one specific Suite, as I performed a similar analysis using the same Adobe credentials with other Suites and did not see either of these data problems. I also connected using separate Adobe credentials for a different website and did not see these data inconsistencies.


Why would the values of various metrics such as number of visits change and the External Campaign ID’s element options change when I bring in metrics other than visits and visitors such as Bounce Rate and Engagement Rate?

Please let me know if you have any insights into where these issues could be developing from.  


Thank you!


  • jhodges
    jhodges Domo Employee

    Have you tried changing the "Additional Elemements Information" section?


    By default, the Adobe Analytics API only returns the top 10 results for the selected element. To increase the limit to 1000 for example, you have to add in the following JSON to the Additional Elements field.






    The “id” is the id of the element that you want. There is no upper limit to the “Top” number but the less you pull back in the query the more efficient it will be. You can do this for multiple elements by separating them with a comma.



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  • Thanks for your response! I tried adding the JSON to the additional elements field but this did not solve the issue. The two test conntections have the same connections, and elements EXCEPT for the 4 additional metrics I pulled in (Bounces, Bouncerate, First Engagement Rate and Most Valuable Enagagament Rate).


    When I run both test connections, I get the same number of rows of data however the External Campaign ID element options are different and the number of visits metric no longer comes through correctly in the version with the added metrics. Adding in those new metrics that are incorrectly coming through as TEXT, is causing the data to change somehow.

  • jhodges
    jhodges Domo Employee

    Normally when troubleshooting combinations of elements and metrics we direct you to your adobe analytics administrator to ensure that the elements and metrics are compatible (sometimes they should be selected together). 


    You might also try reaching out to Domo Support so they can look into your instance to ensure everything is setup correctly.


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  • Bulloko
    Bulloko Domo Employee

    I'd also highly recommend testing your query in Adobe Analytics API Explorer and see what Adobe is bringing back -

  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @lauren_uram, if any of the responses above worked for you, please feel free to "Accept as Solution."

  • Did this get deprecated? There are only base reports available from what I can see now and no way to query or add additional insights from the pre formatted items. I need the Adobe Analytics Site Sections data (forums, photos, news, home, etc) and there does not seem to be a way to pull it. Is the only way to go throught the adobe API directly?