Is it possible to hide a column in the final data grid view?

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I am in process of building a card and drill path views and while I want users to be able to drill down to the final data grid view, is it possible to hide sensitive columns? I was hoping there was a way to edit the drill path and mark only columns you want to include and/or unselect the columns you do not want.  Some of these have over 50 columns so building a Sumo card didn't seem so practical.


If not, what are some ideas on how to get around this?  I can always duplicate the data flow and remove the sensitive columns on 1 flow while keeping on the other so that I can still build the cards requiring the sensitive data - but even if that case wouold have to prevent drill down on the ones with Sensitive data and so prefer to keep 1 data flow and hide the sensitive data.




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    why don't  you create a drill through that looks like the final data grid minus the sensitive column and then mark the 'Prevent drilling to final data grid view' to Yes. 

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    @SJ, did Godzilla's reply help you out?

  • SJ
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    No, but we can add as an idea to be able to customize the drill to detail for example if I only want to hide 1 column and/or several.  The data sets I am working with are too large, too many columns to add a drill path view.  To solve or as a workaround I created a new data flow without the confidential column.



  • user03957

    @kshah008 @SJ


    You guys should really fix this drill down problem.  My guess is this is a common issue among business users... 

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    Do we have something on the road map that addresses this?



  • AshfordMH
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    @SJ try using an ETL dataflow and excluding the sensitive columns in the final output. That should remove the column that you want in the drill down.
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