Workbench transform for NULL from SQL data

gaurav007 Contributor

I would like to know by using which kind of transform I can identify NULL which is returned from my SQL to my workbench.


I want to detect NULL and replace it with 0


  • kshah008
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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @gaurav007 with their question? 



  • creed
    creed Domo Employee

    Hi @gaurav007,


    There are a couple options to detect/replace NULL values in your data.


    1. You can perform the operation in Workbench before the data gets loaded to Domo. In the ODBC query window you can use the SQL function native to your source system. i.e for. MSSQL use "ISNULL(your_column,0)", for PL/SQL use "NVL(your_column,0)", for MySQL use "IFNULL(your_column,0)", etc... If your SQL platform is not one of these three then please let me know which platform you are using and I will provide the correct function.
    2. If the data has already been loaded to your Domo data center then you can use a MySQL dataflow transform to replace NULL with 0. Again, that MySQL function is "IFNULL(your_column,0)"

    Please let me know if that does not answer your question.


    Thank you,


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  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @gaurav007, did creed's reply help you out?

  • jeremyhurren
    jeremyhurren Domo Employee

    creed's answer is great. If you can do this in the SQL statement that will be the best and fastest way to get this done. I wanted to offer one other option just for the sake of completeness. In workbench (the current version of Wb4) you can do this with a calculated field or a search and replace transform.


    A calculated field adds a new column based off the original, and you can use a formula like: IF(ISNULL(Column),0,Column)


    For the search and replace, you can search for \x00 (which is a special regular expression workbench uses to represent the null value), and replace with 0.

  • TJLinz
    TJLinz Member

    This is really helpful - thank you!

  • FlexFleet

    Hi @jeremyhurren
    For the search and replace function, do you know how find blank string and replace them with nulls?

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