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Hello, in App Studio I have a notebook card where I am using Smart Text to display the selected results from both a page filter and also a variable selection. The page filter selection is showing correctly in the smart text, however the variable smart text seems to get stuck on the default value and will not show the selected variable value.

The variable smart text works as expected within the standard Domo pages, but not the same experience in App Studio. Have tried both importing the existing page and recreating the notebook card but getting the same result. Anyone else notice this? Is there a workaround?

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  • ArborRose

    I have not tried this myself. Perhaps there is a page setting in App Studio that is disrupting the functionality.

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  • sbutterbrodt

    @ArborRose Not that I have been able to locate. The variable control is updating all other cards as expected, and the notebook card filters indicate the desired variable value is selected. The smart text is just not updating to reflect the value selected.

  • DashboardDude
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    @sbutterbrodt I think you uncovered something. I just tried too and get the same results. I would suggest emailing Chris Wright at Domo and showing your example:

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  • sbutterbrodt

    @DashboardDude I appreciate you checking on your side as well! Glad to confirm it is not just on my end. Yes, I will follow up further. Thanks!