JSON Connector with JWT


I’m hoping to pull in some data from Prisma, they have a pretty standard API pass a username and password to /login get back a JWT token and then put that token in all further calls in a custom header field and have to login again after 10 mins.

The main API is JSON (with quite a few arrays inside arrays)

I notice a couple of things missing

  1. The file upload function doesn’t support JSON so I can test if Domo can consume the data easily
  2. The JSON connector doesn’t seem to support JWT tokens

Has anyone managed to achieve either of these as it seems pretty standard stuff.

Thanks in advance.



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @trevrobwhite

    It sounds like you're needing to do some custom processing and handle JWT tokens so the JSON Connector won't really solve your problems. You'll likely need to write a custom connector to communicate with your API endpoint. This does have the ability to generate JWT tokens, you'd just need to write the code to process the JSON request and responses and managing the JWT. I'd recommend taking a look at the developer portal for more information: https://developer.domo.com/docs/custom-connectors/connector-dev-studio

    Here's more reference documentation for a more technical synopsis: https://developer.domo.com/docs/custom-connectors/reference

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  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    I agree with the idea that there needs to be a new JSON No Code (JWT) connector to supplement the standard connector and the OAuth connector. I'm actually running into this same requirement and making a custom connector or using Jupyter/python seems like overkill for something that is pretty standard from a JSON/API perspective