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Do you know if there is an extension that allows us to integrate with "" or any plans in the future to implement this?


  • elicohen
    elicohen Contributor

    I don't see a Domo-provided connector, but it looks like has robust API capabilities. With the right consulting support or in-house IT support. you can probably build a custom connector. Here's the info:

  • MarkSnodgrass

    Domo has a JSON No Code OAuth Connector that you might be able to use in this case and avoid the process of building a custom connector. You can read about it here:

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  • user027926

    We use and while we don't automate, a workaround that we use is Monday to Google Sheets (which are data sources in Domo). There is a slight manual process, but especially with a Zapier connector, its pretty smooth.

  • JFRdevo

    We have successfully leveraged Jupyter Workspaces and some simple python code to pull Monday board data into DOMO. Happy to share if anyone is still experiencing this challenge. Warning though, the flexibility and frequent editing of Monday boards can create havoc. Make sure you have strong understanding/collaboration with Monday board owners.

  • Lucky21
    Lucky21 Member

    Can anyone help with the solution they found for integrating Monday API to DOMO? We set the Monday Custom connector using the third party connector help but however recently due to some reason we can only see 500 Items per each monday board. We are not receiving any help from either DOMO third party or Monday team. Any guidance is highly appreciated!