Transforming Datetime


OK so this should seem simple enough:  I have a csv file with lots of datetime fields.  The values have no seperator  and I am transforming for each.  Example of typical value :


"20141126152526000" so... I have it set

YYYYMMDDHHMMSSfff.  on  500 test records each of the datetime fields are causing an error.  So the question is should the custom datetime transform work or is it better to just get the data into DOMO and then do the transformation within Dataflow?


  • quinnj
    quinnj Domo Employee
    Where are you entering the "YYYYMMDDHHMMSSfff" value to parse the dates? I'm not sure I'm aware of a place in Workbench to specify how a date should be parsed.

    As you noted, this is fairly straightforward to accomplish in a DataFlow, so that's probably the route I would take.
  • jmileti

    in the WB Transform.

    WB v4

    select the job

    select "transforms"

    select "Add New" from the ribbon

    select "Custom Date Format"

    you then get a UI with 2 inputs, one for the date columns to transform , the next with the custom format specification(much like an excel custom date format). i guess after reading the documentation it is still not clear to me if the WB is expecting certain/accepted date delimiters (i.e. "/" or "," or ":" ) to seperate the parts of the date field.

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