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In the last release it was mentioned how weekly reporting would change. Instead of Week 43 or Week 52 the first day of the week would should up like 10/4/15 or 05/21/14. Is there a release date for this change? 

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  • Gavatar
    Gavatar Domo Product Manager

    This feature is in beta now. It allows you to set globally the week display to be week # or start of week date. 

  • GinaSamia
    GinaSamia Contributor



    Any update on this feature being released soon?

  • junebi

    We are interested in this feature as well.

    Has it been released? Can we get beta?

  • eizquierdo

    It has been released already. If you do not see it there you may want to reach out to support. It is located under the Company Settings tab in hte Admin Page, called Week Display. Some have had to save the setting twice in order for it to work. 


    You can reference this thread:


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