Unable to delete PDP policy in a dataset using API



I'm new to using APIs to interact with DOMO PDP policies, so I've follow instructions

1/ Create a client in https://developer.domo.com/

2/ Install pydomo Python package

3/ Run Python code

from pydomo import Domo

from pydomo.datasets import Policy, PolicyFilter, FilterOperator, PolicyType, Sorting

domo = Domo(client_id,secret,api_host='api.domo.com')

domo.datasets.delete_pdp(dataset_id, policy_id)

(where dataset_id is my DOMO dataset_id, and policy_id is the integer policy_id)

However I got this error

/.venv/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pydomo/DomoAPIClient.py", line 70, in _delete
raise Exception("Error deleting " + obj_desc + ": "
Exception: Error deleting Personalized Data Policy (PDP): {"status":400,"statusReason":"Bad Request","message":"Cannot delete the open filter group","toe":"BHCEJD2786-AU5EM-SK5TR"}

Have anyone faced this issue and how to fix it? Thank you.



  • GrantSmith

    Are you attempting to delete the all rows policy? What is the filter logic for your PDP you’re removing?

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  • yentran

    Hi I've figured out the issue when I print all policies in that dataset.

    The command domo.datasets.delete_pdp(dataset_id, policy_id) didn't run because the policy_id I put in is the one that has null filter value (in DOMO PDP web interface, it shows as "All Rows")

    I tried other policy_id which is specific for a user so the delete command worked.

  • yentran

    Is there any way to bulk delete all policies for a dataset instead of using domo.datasets.delete_pdp(dataset_id, policy_id)?