Setting up alerts on a weekly basis

I am trying to set up an alert for a metric for delta change in numbers since its previous week. However, I do not see any such option to perform that. Domo doesnot allow me to use any individual metric, rather select a particular date of the metric(image attached)

Note:I do not wish to perform any aggregations on overall data, just compare % change of this week with its previous week.


  • @chetan_cricut How are you defining % change without aggregating the data? Can you share some more details on what you are trying to accomplish?

  • @MichelleH The comparison should be sum(current_week) vs sum(previous_week) by x%

    However, I see an option to trigger an alert for sum(all_time_data) by x%

  • @chetan_cricut The best way to do this is to set up your summary number to display the sum for the current week, then set up the alert to check weekly for a certain % change based on your summary number value

  • @MichelleH even though this might seem like a solution, this would require multiple addtional cards being created since I am trying to track weekly % change on various cards, and each card has 2-3 metrics.

    Is there a better alternative to this?

  • @chetan_cricut You could still set up multiple alerts on the same card based on the sum of each dataset field as long as the card is filtered to the current week

  • @MichelleH I have a line + bar chart which does not have a summary number, even if there is a summary number then it would only be for a specific metric.

    Now when we create alerts, it will only pick the summary number which is being used in the card for that specific metric.