Beast mode to select all the slicers

I have a column that populates the below 7 options, I would want to have another option 'All' which displays numbers of all 7 cases instead of manually selecting all 7.

I am trying to write a below beast mode for the same but the 'All' option would not include all of the cases.

when combination = 'desktop' then 'desktop'

when combination in ('desktop','android','ios','desktop_ios','android_desktop','android_ios','android_ios_desktop') then 'All'


  • @chetan_cricut I recommend creating a variable with the Pills control type and values for all 7 options, plus an “All” option. Then you can create a beast mode filter based on the value selected:

    when Variable = ‘All’ then ‘Include’
    when Variable = combination then ‘Include’
    else ‘Exclude’

  • @MichelleH how does this help me get the 8th variable with all 7 values?

  • @chetan_cricut Based on your originial question, my understanding is that you wanted the users to be able to select a single “All” option to filter to all 7 values of the combination field. Is that not the case?

  • @MichelleH yes, but when we create 'All' option how does domo understand if all 7 needs to be accounted?

    Below is what I have managed to create, beast mode on left and control variable on the right. Not sure how this would function though.

  • @chetan_cricut The Include/Exclude filter should not be a slicer, you would need to save it to every card on the dashboard so each card is filtered to ‘Include’.

  • @MichelleH just to clarify I currently have 2 beast modes. The one on the left has multi select option(multi select is required for business use). I want to add the 'All' option to be part of the slicer on the left with a feature to include all 7 cases.

    Here is the beast mode I have used for ‘All’

    when combination in ('desktop','android','ios','desktop_ios','android_desktop','android_ios','android_ios_desktop') then 'All'
    else combination