Create Tables On Demand at Output


Hi. I am a new Domo user, fresh over from Tableau Prep.

In Prep I could create a data export while in the flow and it would create that table in the destination, say Google BigQuery in this case, when I first executed the flow.

I can’t seem to find a way to do this in Domo, and I am hopeful there is a way? I don’t want to have to create tables in the database first.



  • TDanis
    TDanis Domo Employee

    @mdm_sfo It sounds like you are referring to a writeback connector. You can select the output Dataset of your dataflow and input it into a writeback connector. Reach out to your CSM or a member of your accounts team to try the 30-day trial of the writeback connector.
    There is also Integration Studio that allows you to add writeback connectors as tiles and configure them within Magic ETL.

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