Why does dataset views count as storage?

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I've had this topic come up a lot but most recently with a a large renewal for this month.

Client is asking for the technical reasons as to why dataset views count as part of their data row count - what is the response on this?



  • GPirie
    GPirie Domo Employee

    This is an excellent question with a complex answer. I am querying our product team before I present a final answer.

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  • Dilip_Singh
    Dilip_Singh Domo Employee

    Hello @GPirie, has the product team updated you back on this. It be interesting to know more on this!

    Thank you

  • Anoosha Medarametla

    @GPirie - any update on this?

  • DomoJesseK
    DomoJesseK Domo Employee

    @RJTracy can you speak to the concept of rows-under-management?


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  • DanBrinton
    DanBrinton Domo Product Manager

    @RJTracy - thank you! Very clear information there.

    You mention charging credits - does this apply only to customers on consumption pricing/deals? Or does it also apply to the old row- and user-based pricing models?

  • Dilip_Singh
    Dilip_Singh Domo Employee

    Thank you, @RJTracy. Could you please also confirm if this only apply to customers with consumption pricing/deals or is it also applicable to the previous row- and user-based pricing models?