Making a Field to Calculate 'Yes' or 'No' Sales for last quarter


I am attempting to build a beastmode that gives me a value of ‘Yes’ if there is a “sale” in last quarter or a "no' if there isn't. Here is my code so far:

*‘End of Business Date’ acts as a current date function in our dataset.

The issue with this is that it does count all the rows from last quarter as a ‘Yes’, but if there is also a sale for the current quarter, it's counting it as a "No'.

As you can see all the 2023 dates have a “No” because I'm assuming it's only counting the latest date.

How can I change it so that it disregards the current date and directly looks at the last quarter date so that the function works properly?



  • marcel_luthi

    There are several way to approach this, depending on how your dataset looks like and how you're configuring your card. Here is where using the Graph By option in the card can come a long way. You could use the date range by the Commitment Date and Graph by Quarter, to know how many sales you happened on each quarter. Hope this helps (this will create an entry for each quarter).

  • user063136

    The Graph By wouldn't work in this case because I am trying to isolate the beastmode. There are other beastmodes that are all indicating different time brackets on that page.