How do I drill down from one card to a different card that is based on a different dataset?

I would like to create a drill-down from once card to another existing card that is based on a different dataset. How do I make this happen.



  • @Jack_Kaye You can change the source dataset for a drill path as long as all of the filter fields have the same name in both datasets. Once you add a drill layer to a card, you can change its data source by clicking on the dataset name in the "Data" section on the top left of Analyzer, then searching for the new dataset you want to use.

  • @MichelleH I'm trying to change the drill-down to point to an existing card that is based on a different dataset. The only option I see when editing the drill-down is to create a new view where I can change the dataset from the original. I'm hoping there is a way to have the drill-down point to an existing card?

  • @Jack_Kaye I don't believe there's a simple way to do that, but here is what I'd recommend:

    1. Create a copy of the existing card using "Save As"
    2. In the copied card, add a drill layer to inherit all the configurations of the top level
    3. Re-add any necessary filters, then save the drill
    4. Open the top layer card in Analyzer and change the dataset using the method described in my first comment
    5. Design the top of the card as desired and save