Is their API 'Rate limits' information shared for DOMO apis? If not, what are the rate limits set?

Couldn't find the allowed limits/quota of consuming DOMO apis over a specific period of time in the documentation.



  • @Shahmir5_5_5 - not sure if the limits are mentioned on the documentation page but I have used it to very high frequencies with ease.

    Are you getting any specific error message while working with the API?


    'Happy to Help'
  • @Adam480925 - Hey, thanks for sharing. No, I have not performed any stress testing on the API limits, hence no errors encountered. But was curious since it is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation.

    Please share with me if you find it posted anywhere on the forum/elsewhere.

    Thank you.

  • Hey @Shahmir5_5_5 looks like you tagged the wrong person 😅

    I have personally worked on scripts that hit the Domo servers too frequently but worked all good.

    I could not find any documentation, but I think writing to the support team could help.

    It would be interesting to learn if there's any such limit so kindly keep the thread posted.


    'Happy to Help'