Custom message for embedded dashboard when user does not have access?

Hi everyone... I'm wanting to present to the user a custom message when they try to access a dashboard they do not have access to. We privately embed dashboards onto a web page in an iframe, and if the user does not have access, they are presented with the standard "Sorry. This content is no longer available." message.

What I would like to do is present to the user a custom message or modal window (or some other HTML magic) when they don't have access. I'm using the mechanism described here to adjust the iframe height, so I'm wondering if the same messaging mechanism can be used to inform the browser when the user does not have access? Or is there another way to do this?




  • Hi @chookalien ,

    I have an idea, you can probably use - ddx brick or custom app. Query the domostat / governance dataset to check if the user has access to the required page, if not found, then you can display your custom message.


    'Happy to Help'
  • Thanks for the idea @Aditya_Jain . I've looked into it and whilst I don't think it will help in this instance (as user access to the pages is controlled via groups and the dataset does not list individual users in this case, and you'd also have to expose the governance dataset to all users, or manage it via PDP), it has made me aware of the governance datasets and how they might be useful for other use cases. Cheers!!