How to combine federated dataSet to another dataset?


I tried to combine 2 datasets using ETL but then realized that Federated dataset does not support ETL. So is there any other method to combine 2 datasets on this case?

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  • Aditya_Jain


    Try creating a View on top of the federated query and join the excel / file upload there in the view.

    A federated query can not be brought to Magic ETL but for a snowflake, we can have a view ( I think it's still BETA) but it should work.


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  • Jessica_L

    @Aditya_Jain This answer is helpful to me also. I see that you can Add a Join or Union here in the view, and it looks like you can add columns with calculated fields. I see buttons for Filter, Group, Sort, and Limit too.

    My question is - can you join Federated data and non-Federated data here? When I go to join a new dataset, I don't have that option. All the options under Select a DataSet are federated from snowflake (like the original dataset I want to join it to).