How to download domo dataset to a linux server using Python?


I have been using pydomo python SDK to access and download the datasets from domo to a linux server.

I have been able to build a script which can pull the details of the dataset from domo:

Details look like below:

 'lastSuccessfulExecution': {'createdAt': '2022-10-26T11:42:15Z',

               'currentState': 'SUCCESS',

               'endedAt': '2022-10-26T11:42:30Z',

               'id': 1,

               'modifiedAt': '2022-10-26T11:42:30Z',

               'startedAt': '2022-10-26T11:42:15Z',

               'updateMethod': 'REPLACE'},

 'modifiedAt': '2022-10-26T11:42:30Z',

 'updateMethod': 'REPLACE'}

Any direction for script to download the dataset will be helpful. Thanks!