🎥📅 Build DDX Bricks in Domo - free webinar 11/2/2022 - with Noah Finberg



DataCrew is excited to invite Noah Finberg, Manager of Data App Innovation @ Domo, LinkedIn, to present a 202-level overview of DDX bricks. 

In this Ask Me Anything format webinar, the Domo community will have the opportunity to learn more about use cases for DDX Bricks as well as get an introduction to app development for citizen developers.


10-minute overview

  • What is DDX Bricks
  • What was the concept behind it?
  • How is it currently being used?

20 minutes - Best practices for becoming better citizen developers

  • Additional tooling around DDX Bricks (phoenix library etc.)
  • Adding GitHub to your Workflow
  • Version management in Domo

30 minutes - Community Q&A

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