Hi Guys!

Has anyone worked on getting data into Domo from the CMiC ERP system? I am looking for ideas on how to get that data and possibly what connectors or APIs I should be looking to use.

Thank you ^_^



  • GrantSmith

    It doesn't appear Domo has a connector already written for CMiC but you could write your own custom connector to pull the data in. You can get more information by on creating your own custom connector.

    Alternatively you could use a Python script to communicate with the API outside of Domo and then have your script send the data into Domo.

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  • mhouston
    mhouston Contributor

    @Fadem we use CMIC and I have pulled data in from it. Are you on their cloud environment or locally hosted? If you're locally hosted you can use workbench to pull the data through.