CSV Advanced Connector Error (SFTP) - Failed to execute import successfully.


I am trying to pull a csv files with 47 rows and 14K records. It's giving an error "Failed to execute import successfully". It's only 1 csv files which is giving an error rest of the files I am able to export from the folder. What would be the issue ? Thanks.



  • GrantSmith

    When you say 47 rows and 14K records - do you mean 47 columns and 14k rows?

    Have you confirmed that each row has the same number of fields?

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  • Tsharma8724

    Sorry, its 47 columns with 14k records

  • Tasleema
    Tasleema Domo Product Manager

    @Tsharma8724 - More than likely, there is a row in your dataset with malformed data that is causing the connector to fail while parsing the data. To verify, please contact Domo Support.