DataSet via Email Connection


hi smart people - 

we have a weird (maybe?) dilemma - 


the Facebook for Business connector does not provide all types of data that we need, so we are creating a report in FB and scheduling it to be emailed to either a Box account or the Email Connector.

the issue is that FB requires a verification email to be sent to the email address and a confirmation click back to FB.

(we've also tried sending to gmail and forwarding, but gmail also requires the verification  - wah wah wah....)


any thoughts on a workaround or some option that i'm missing?  

thank you!



  • laura_igl


    Is anyone able to help out with this request?


  • user07442

    I'm trying to solve the same problem. I first tried to schedule the Facebook Ads report to go to the Domo email connector's email address. That didn't work because Facebook sends out a verification email that needs to be responded to before it sends any report to that email address. After this didn't work I tried setting up my Facebook Ads account under a gmail account. One the automated report reaches my Gmail inbox I tried forwarding the email to Domo's email connector's address. No luck. I've tried all the email connector configurations. Can someone please help?

  • user05865

    Same issue. To initiate email send of csv, lamdba requires us to first click on verification link in first email. Stumped.

  • Trumpetbob

    I have a solution to this. Set it up for importing an attachment as csv. I usually have the email subject wrong. Then send the confirmation email. Then go into the history and you will see the error with the yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Click on it to reveal more next. Some of the text in the message will have the confirmation number in it. Put in the confirmation number in gmail, setup your filter, and you are good to go!