Jira Cloud connector does not pull over custom multi-select values?


I am trying to pull in sprint data using the Jira Issue Report via the Domo Jira Cloud connector. I have one important custom field, Developer (it's really Dev Assigned) that is multiselect, but the data does not get populated in the pull (even though the field is listed, it shows up blank)>

Is this a known issue with the Domo Jira connector? Sprint, which is a multi-select field (but not custom) comes over fine, and my single-select custom fields come over fine, but not Developer.

When I pull the Jira Fields report into Domo via the connector, it shows something strange - two rows for each custom field, not just one, as set up via the Jira custom field interface (see image below). Interestingly, the single-select custom fields have two rows with different schema_type, "user" and "array". My multiselect field, however, has two rows, BOTH with schema_type "array." Not sure if that is the problem. Thanks.



  • Dot_Perez

    I had the same issue pulling in multi-select fields using the Airtable connector. Even though the field was populated with a value in Airtable, Domo would not bring in the selected value. I resolved the problem by creating an additional column in Airtable that basically flattened the multiselect field and showed only the selected value. I don't know if Jira has the same ability to do that.