Domo Workbench broken Quickbooks 2019 2020 Python ODBC alternative


I have created a Gihub repository with a Python workaround to dump QB reports to a CSV via QODBC. I am sharing this freely and would like to collaborate with others to have this option in case Domo Workbench is not working as is currently the case for Quickbooks 2019+:

NOTE: I just started this project last night due to an immediate need to pull reports from Quickbooks Enterprise 20.0. It is very basic and gritty. My goal is to export 6 canned reports to CSV then import them with Domo Workbench.


  • GrantSmith

    Very interesting @pydomoguy . Have you thought about utilizing the pydomo package to just straight import them into Domo instead of having to then go through Workbench?

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  • pydomoguy

    FYI I use Domo workbench to upload the CSV due to having to leave code on clients machines. I don't want anyone getting a hold of our API key which would be in the Python code. Hence the marriage between Python extracting the data from Quickbooks and Domo Workbench pushing the CSV to Domo works well. It is a balance between getting all the data I want out of Quickbooks and keeping some measure of security of our Domo instance. Still though you have to authenticate to Domo Workbench using a Domo user and managing this on many clients can be a pain.

  • trafalger

    This is helpful, thank you @pydomoguy!