Trying to use SSMS to connect to Domo Server via Domo ODBC Driver


I have configured the Domo ODBC driver and setup a DSN. I'm trying to establish a connection to the Domo Server so I can query multiple tables via SSMS.

My understanding is that this needs to be done through a linked server. However, I have not been successful getting the linked server to work.

Has anybody been able to connect to the Domo Server and query tables directly using SSMS? If so, can you share how you established the connection.




  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @Jack_Kaye to be clear you're trying to query Domo, NOT query an on prem database?

    i'm sure it can be done but I'm not sure you're gonna get the desired end-user experience...

    Adrenaline wasn't really designed like Snowflake or TSQL in a cloud environment where you should be able to query the database with an IDE. The ODBC driver doesn't (AFAIK) get a lot of use so... i'm not sure how developed a feature it is.

    if it were me, I'd construct my query in Dataset Views in Domo and then just use literally any other (free) tool, Python + APIs or Domo CLI to export the data when i need it.

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  • Jack_Kaye

    Thank you for your response. To clarify, I am trying to query the Domo Server/Database no an on prem database. I am able to use the Domo ODBC driver in DBeaver and I can query the Database/Tables easily. My reasoning for using SSMS is that I want to query both the Domo Database/Table and other tables from our on prem Server. An exampled would be wanting to query the Domo Dataset for our AR data and compare that to the AR data within our Financial Software's tables.

    I'm trying to avoid importing/exporting the data if possible. I can use SSMS to import the data from the Domo ODBC but that can be a problem with very large datasets and the data is outdated shortly after being imported.

    I was hoping there was a way to create a Linked Servers in SSMS using the Domo ODBC driver to allow me to directly query the Domo Server/Tables. Does this make sense?



  • jcsacto
    jcsacto Member

    @Jack_Kaye did you ever figure this out, I also would prefer to use SSMS to connect and do QA on my Domo data. Additionally, do you have documentation that shows how to set up the connection in DBeaver by chance? I have the driver installed and keys applied but not sure how to setup the connection in DBeaver. Thanks!