Why do users see different settings in "Embed Dashboard"?


We are preparing dashboards to be privately "embeddable". When looking at Share -> Embed Dashboard, different users see different things set. For example, I can have a dashboard embedded as Public, and someone else has the same one embedded as Private. This is concerning as one user could have it set to Private thinking it's only accessible internally while another user might have it set to public. Is this normal behavior? Shouldn't this setting be at the dashboard level, not dashboard+user level? In my test case, even users in the Admin role in Domo seem to be able to change the embed settings on a dashboard independently.


  • GrantSmith


    Embed permissions are configured on a dashboard level however multiple users could embed the same dashboard. If you're worried about dashboards being shared publicly or who's embedding them you can revoke that permission in a custom role and make sure your users are set to that role.

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  • JunkDoom

    Grant - great point on using a custom role for safety here! I ended up submitting a support ticket for this, and so far, they think the behavior I'm seeing is a bug.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Contributor

    Grant is right. Embed settings are unique by dashboard AND user. If an admin wants to override the settings from another user, they can do that in the Domo Everywhere screen in the admin section of the instance.

    Then if you want to prevent other users from being able to embed, you can either restrict them with a grant or you can block all public embedding in the bottom-right of the Company Overview settings.