Best way to have months show as individual columns in a table


What I am wanting to do is list the months this year Jan, Feb, March, etc.. in a table. I assumed that the date filter for a table would allow me to graph 'This year, by month' in the same way it would for a bar/line chart but that doesn't seem to be the case. Is there an easy way to do this with tools in the analyzer or would it have to be done using a beast mode?



  • Golfoholic

    I figured it out. By switching to a pivot table it then gives you more flexibility with column, values, and especially the date filter.

  • Pivot table is a good way to go. There is also the transpose property in the regular table that can be useful for turning your rows into columns.

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  • sdickson

    Is there a way to export the data in transposed format? The transpose property apparently works only for visualizing, not exporting. So when Domo exports, the data table is in the original non-pivoted format.
    I see that using the transpose property is helpful in that it will create as many columns as there are months, whereas the Dynamic ETL requires explicitly choosing the columns, i.e. it won't automatically add a new column, for a new month, when the dataset is updated each month.