Checkbox Selector not showing all values?

Good morning,

While trying to create a Checkbox Selector to use as a filter, I've run into an issue where the card is only showing some values instead of them all. It's not even a massive data set; it's 15 values. However, when creating the card I see the dreaded "Warning: Not all data is shown" message (14 of the 15 are selectable). Any thoughts on what might be happening here? Limit Rows is set to default (All Rows). This is really weird. Thanks.


  • That did it! I have no idea why though. Appreciate the insight, as always.

  • That's great to hear @Joe_M . If you have the option to accept answer on my response, that will help others in the community.

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  • Of course.

  • Hmmm...I either did or it won't let me anymore. Apologies!

  • @MarkSnodgrass this did it for me too, thanks!!! Once I put the Optional Group By and changed aggregation to Count it solved my problem. I only had 12 filter items (most recent 12 months, but it was text format instead of date format).

  • yes thank you Mark. No idea why it works but it works so thank you!