Could not refresh dataset - Other Provider



I have a legacy dataset inherited from a former developer and there are a few strange things that I notice.

First, it says Other Provider.

2nd the message could not update but I cannot force an update.

The source file is an excel document on the network drive and the file is there. The refresh run fine until December 30th.

As you can see in the 2 screenshot there is no option to force a run or something similar.

I am not even sure on how I could check the name of the excel file this is supposed to refresh.

Any help or directions as to where to look next?

Thank you


  • MarkSnodgrass

    This is likely coming from Domo Workbench. You need to go to where Domo Workbench is installed (likely on a company server) and check there for the reason that it isn't running. In Workbench, you can also change the type from Other Provider to Excel.

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  • FXM32

    Thank you Mark it was indeed Workbench that stopped working.