Calculated field doesn't respect parentheses in arithmetic expressions?


Hello - I'm new to Domo but observing very unusual behaviour on a calculated field.

When I define the expression


It evaluates to 19 (i.e. 10*2 - 1), not 10 as expected!

Bizarrely my colleague on the same instance is unable to reproduce the same.

As a workaround, I've been wrapping bracketed expressions in a POWER function i.e.


evaluates to 10 as expected.

Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how can I resolve?

Thanks in advance


  • GrantSmith


    Can you post your exact formula you're using? Also are you doing this in a beast mode or in a magic ETL formula tile?

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  • DavidLee

    Thanks both, for some reason I can't attach a screenshot to prove it, but the calculated formula I'm using to test is literally


    Which evaluates to 19 while 10*POWER(2-1,1) evaluates to 10 as expected.

    This is for a DataSet view which I created in Analyser. I'm adding the above as a Calculated Column in the data tab (not a Beast Mode calculation in the visualiser as it looks like @amehdad assumes)

  • I was able to recreate your problem now that you describe that you are doing it when using the dataset view option in Analyzer. That view in Analyzer is new, and I believe you found a bug. I would submit a ticket to and explain your bug. They will send it to the engineers to get it fixed.

    In the meantime, I would try and work around it by using a beast mode.

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