In Workbench what does "DataSet Type" change?


I have Workbench jobs uploading Microsoft SQL Server tables to Domo. For "DataSet Type", I accepted the default of "Workbench ODBC". After setting up my jobs, I noticed there is a "Microsoft SQL Server" dataset type.

What's the difference? In Domo, the icon changes if I upload as a "Microsoft SQL Server" dataset type. If I go with one or the other, am I limiting what I can do within Domo now, or perhaps down the road if I ever end up doing 'writebacks' into our local databases?



  • It is really just for display purposes in Domo as you have noticed. It would have nothing to do with Writebacks because you don't use Workbench for writebacks. It is just there to make it easier for you to identify your workbench jobs.

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  • JunkDoom

    Thanks. That makes sense. However, it's a little concerning that Workbench doesn't let you change the dataset type on existing jobs.

    Perhaps I'll just use SQL Server type going forward, and leave the existing ones as is.

  • GrantSmith

    @MarkSnodgrass is getting too quick! As he said it's mostly for display purposes but it's also useful for helping to classify the type of dataset it is or where it came from - from a metadata aspect. If you only have SQL server then there really isn't much of a difference but can be helpful if you're using multiple database types.

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