Beastmode suggestion for a filter


I have a report that provides details on individual units it has a column that lets you know if that unit is rental or unrentable. it uses binary to illustrate this:

  • bRentable
  • 0 = “Unrentable” or “Offline”
  • 1 = Rentable

How can I write something in the analyzer that I can use as a filter that will replace 0 with Unrentable and 1 with Rentable?



  • Golfoholic

    bRentable is the column name*

  • MarkSnodgrass

    In the analyzer click on "Add Calculated Field" in the bottom left and write the following formula:

    CASE WHEN 'bRentable' = 0 THEN 'Unrentable'

    WHEN 'bRentable' = 1 THEN 'Rentable'

    ELSE 'Unknown'


    I used the else clause in case you have empty or null values and didn't want to assume it was rentable or not.

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