Improving Embed Dashboard Responsive Layout


We have publically embedded a couple of dashboards, and at certain breakpoints, the individual cards do not render properly. Cards are often cut off (half is showing) or a large amount of whitespace above or below the contents of the cards are shown.

This appears to be happening with some of Domo's examples as well, such as below:

Is this a known issue? Are there any best practices or workarounds that we should be considering?



  • GrantSmith


    To my knowledge you can't dynamically change the iframe size based on the amount of data so if you have too little data in a table you'll get the extra whitespace and too much data in your table will result in it getting gut off.

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  • Pklassen

    The issue is not as much with the iframe itself, but how the individual cards are being rendered at certain breakpoints. The content within the cards is being cut off or large amounts of white space added to the top and bottom of each card. The same issues are happening in the mobile preview (accessible when editing a data story) as in a live dashboard embed scenario, which tells me this is a core issue with Domo's responsive card rendering logic.