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Hello All,

We are new to Domo. Need to setup Okta SSO.. Our security team asked us following... Can you guide me where I can get all this info...

We will need the following information from application side for Okta SSO integration:

1.Single Sign-On URL

2.Audience Restriction(Entity ID)

3.Attributes statements i.e parameters need to be passed during login

4.How will users be added / removed from the application in Okta? Okta supports an approval workflow, if required.


6.How will users be added / removed from application? ( Optional )



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    My Domo Admin panel is bugged right now so I can't get screenshots but within Domo Admin if you go to the SSO area and go through the first step or two it would supply you with most of that info you need. I did it for Duo not Okta but the info is basically the same and will be supplied by Domo through that SSO section.

    On #4 you can think of it this way. In Domo you add users and control what there permissions are. Once SSO is setup you can only authenticate through Okta so the user has to also have an Okta account. If you remove them from the Domo side they wouldn't be able to login through Okta. If you remove them from the Okta side they also wouldn't be able to login through Okta. But deleting them from one side doesn't automatically delete them from the other. Okta gives you the keys to get into the house, once you're in the House Domo controls what rooms you can get into. If you delete the house your keys are useless, if you delete the keys you aren't getting in the house.

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