Setting row level alerts for chnage of status

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I have build a table in Data for the finance related entries and have a columns names Rejected status which is rep[resented by a Y or a N. I want to set an alert on my table where if any of the lines gets rejected and turns to 'Y' then it should send out an email to a specific user email address on that chnage. I am not able to set that alert on my table. As soon as I try adding an alert option it gives me a message saying "No alertable metrics found on this card. Please add a Summary Number or change chart types and try again."

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  • yes, you should add a calculated field that counts the number of rejected items you have.

    SUM(CASE WHEN `RejectedStatus`='Y' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

    Add a calculated field like this as a summary for the table and you can then create an alert that will let you know anytime that you have a rejected status. You can set the alert to go off once per day, everytime the dataset updates, etc. You can also specify if you want the alert to continue to send anytime it is in a triggered state, or if it should only be sent once.

    You would then need to subscribe the right users to the alert.

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    @ST_-Superman-_ 's solution works most of the times.

    if it's unlikely that the total number of rejections would not be the same from day to day, THEN you can build an alert on it.

    Imagine Trans_ID 16 was rejected. then today it goes to approved. Meanwhile Trans_17 goes from approved to rejected. Net change = 0. Disaster.

    If it were me, I would build a recursive dataflow of rejected transactions.

    Then every day, I would ask (via ETL), Is my snapshot from yesterday the same as my snapshot today?

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    Well yes ST_Superman, that does work but again the issue is it does not give indication as to which of the line item got rejected actually, it gives a record count when chnaged. What I am looking to do is identify the exact line where the rejection happened and send out that line information to an email as an alert. Is that possible to do so here in alert settings or it has to be handled differently.


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    jaeW_at_Onyx, thats right, +1 and -1 will even out and not provide right results.